Máy cắt, khắc CNC BODOR BRW1325BD

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Description Parameter
BRW1325BD BRW1530BD Option
Working Area (X*Y*Zmm) 1300x2500x230mm 1500X3000X230mm According to demands
Max Moving Speed 60000mm/min  
Max Engraving Speed 25000mm/min  
Frame Welded Steel  
Spindle Power Motor 9kw Option:3-12kw
Spindle Speed 6000-24000rpm  
The number of knife 8pcs According to demands
The manner to change knife Circular disk  Option: In-line
XYZ traveling positioning accuracy ±0.04/300mm  
XYZ repositioning accuracy ±0.04mm  
Working Voltage AC380V,50/60Hz,3Ph  
Drive Motors Servo Motors and Drivers  
Command language G code  
Operating system LNC control System  option:Syntec,DSP system
Interface USB  
Flash memory 128M(U Disk)  
Software Compatability Type3,Ucancam, Artcam Software  
Diameter of tools Φ3.175,Φ6, Φ12.7  
Running Environemt Temperature: 0℃~45℃  
Relative humidity: 30%~75%

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