Máy cắt CNC DAMA WIN-3100

Hãng sản xuấtCông suất (Kw)Tốc độ cắt Min (mm/phút)Tốc độ cắt Max (mm/phút)Chiều dài cắt (mm)Chiều rộng cắt (mm)Nguồn điện sử dụngXuất xứ

1 pha, 220V, 50/60Hz
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may cat 207


Machine Type Win-2500  Win-3100
Effective cutting width(A) 2500mm 3100mm
Effective cutting length 7000mm + Xmm
Rail Length 9000mm + Xmm
Rail span(B) 3500mm 4100mm
Longitudinal drive method Single AC servo motor/rack/rails
Transeverse drive method AC servo Motor/rack & steel band
Cutting Speed 1-3000mm/min.
Positioning Speed 7500mm/min
Cutting Capacity ( thickness ) 1 torch 300mm, 2 torches 150mm, 4 torches 75mm
Hole piercing 200mm (MAX)
Gas supply Oxygen and Acetylene or LPG
Power supply 1 phase, 220V, 50/60Hz, 3.3KVA

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