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  • Workplace: Hanoi
  • Salary : 500-1000$
  1. Main responsibilities:
    • Study drawings to recommend process, machines
    • Fixture concept, clamping methods, tooling selection
    • Time study – manual by PC
    • Time study by Matrix Cam
    • Make proposals for sales to present
    • Visit customer with sales to explain and present application proposal
    • On site training for programming, commissioning
    • Prepare and develop training materials by NC type
    • Project management – milestone chart, monitoring, budget control, implementation
  2. Requirements:
    • 2 years experience in related field.
    • Degree in Engineering or related discipline is required.
    • Fluent in spoken and written Japanese.
    • Computer proficiency including software relevant applications.
    • Willing to travel for business.

Send your CV to: fuhaqn@gmail.com

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